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Powell River Salmon Society

Since 1982, the Powell River Salmon Society has been successfully working towards the goal of sustainable salmon stocks in the Salish Sea. Our enhancement work directly benefits the coastal ecosystem and all people that rely on pacific salmon culturally, economically, and environmentally. Our cornerstone watershed is Lang Creek, where we enhance chinook, coho, and chum salmon, and where we helped reestablish a self sustaining run of pink salmon. Historically we have also helped enhance Willingdon Creek, Mouat Creek, Whittall Creek, Myrtle Creek, Tla'amin River, Theodosia River, Park Creek, and Deighton Creek.

Our Facilities


 The Alex Dobler 
Salmon Centre

Located just above the estuary on Lang Creek, the Alex Dobler Salmon Center has been designed as an immersive Salmon park for strengthening and educating the salmon community and visitors alike. This site features a spawning channel with multiple high visibility areas, our hatchery building, and outdoor classroom space, and a native plant display. The facility was meticulously designed and largely built and upgraded by Alex Dobler, and has since been renamed to commemorate his commitment and contribution in helping Pacific Salmon. In 2021 we set out to make Pacific Salmon more accessible to all people in our area by creating the Salmon Preservation Pathway. Be sure to check in with our Social Media to keep up to date on its progress!


Duck Lake

This facility has long served as our hub for incubating and rearing juvenile salmon. Located 10 km upstream on Lang Creek, nearly 1.5 million salmon fry get released from this facility every year. For biosecurity reasons, this site is not open to the public. This facility has 10 tubs and 9 throughs for rearing fry and smolts.


Located in the historic townsite area, the Mill Hatchery is our headquarters. Our offices are located here, and all of our eggs start here with the consistent clean and clear waters of Powell Lake, before being taken to imprint on the Lang Creek System. This site has 15 rearing tubs, 12 rearing troughs, 20 bulk incubators, and over 200 heath trays.


Lang Creek

The Fish

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